Fresh and Frozen Halal Sheep Meat / Whole Frozen Sheep Carcass

Halal Frozen Lamb/ Sheep/ Mutton Meat

Grass-fed Sheep. Available in multiple formats chilled or frozen.

Grass-fed, natural, free-range sheep

Target Weight 23-25kg

Processor independently audited by Assure Quality.

Available whole or 6-way cut:

  • Whole: 650 beasts per 40ft reefer
  • 6-way cut: 1000 beasts per 40ft reefer

-Further processing by request – Can be cut to particular specifications (7-way cut, telescopic cut, individual cuts)

-Chilled sheep by request -60-90-day shelf life depending on packaging method (adds approx. $0.25/kg)

 Sheep – Whole Frozen $2.05 – 3.25 USD F.O.B*
Sheep – Frozen 6-way cut $2.05 -3.35 USD F.O.B*

*Prices change subject to seasonal variation, order volume and order specifications.


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