we are one of the fast-emerging manufacturerand exporter and supplier of highly appreciated qualitative range

of boneless frozen camel meat.  we are recognized as a dependable processing and warehousing enterprise engaged in processing of frozen or non-frozen, boneless or with bone camel meat products which includes: –

frozen halal camel meat (compensated and in special cuts);

we do have all parts of camel meat available for sale at moderate prices and all our camel meat are halal certified and well accepted over the world.

camel blade meat, brisket, chuck, chuck tender, cube roll, neck, trimmings, mince.  top side, silverside, rump steak,knuckle, striploin,tenderloin, shin shank, salted omasum, frozen omasum, tongue, tails,trips, heart, liver, kidney, lungs, brain, tendons, trachea, paddy wack etc.

all other cuts will be made available upon request.

contact for more details.


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